About us

About Us

Outdoor Exchange is the premier website/app to buy and sell high-end, gently used Outdoor Gear and Clothing.  We focus on high-end, human powered gear and clothing for biking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, camping, climbing, rafting, kayaking, fly fishing, surfing, and other outdoor activities. Outdoor Exchange makes outdoor activities more affordable and accessible to everyone!

How It All Began – Nearly 8 years ago, we opened up our first Outdoor Exchange consignment shop in Boise, Idaho!  Throughout that time, we have been focused on being the leader in buying and consigning high-end, gently used gear and clothing for human powered recreation.  In that 8 years, we expanded the shop twice, expanded our team, completed our franchising documentation, and are now excited to be available to customers across the country through our website & app. We are thrilled to bring our experience, quality products & process, and exceptional customer experience to the nation!

Frequently Asked Question

Out team here at Outdoor Exchange is always ready to help! Take a look at the FAQ section below.

A.  Through our experience, we understand that your quality gear has value, and we also understand the used market value of those items.  Once you list your item and enter the brand, description, and condition, our Appraisal System will help you determine an appropriate price range.  However, it is ultimately up to you to accept that pricing recommendation or set your own.

A. Once you complete and publish your listing, your item will be made available on the Outdoor Exchange marketplace immediately. Buyers on both the website and mobile app will be able to find your item in their searches.

A. Yes, you can edit your item, add details or update pricing at any time.

A.  No, there is no fee to list your item. Outdoor Exchange only takes a small commission (10%) once your item sells and you keep the rest!  This commission is to help Outdoor Exchange maintain a safe, reliable, and trustworthy marketplace for all your outdoor gear!

Your payment will be automatically processed once you’ve sold, shipped, and the item has been received by the buyer.  Payouts typically happen 3-5 days after the item has been received by the buyer.

A.  Yes, PayPal is required to process your payout once your item has sold and shipped.  We also recommend setting up  a PayPal shipping account for easy shipping and tracking within your order.

A. The buyer pays shipping as part of their purchase and is calculated by address and the size/weight of the item.  You are responsible for shipping it out within 1-3 days of receiving the order and providing the buyer with the tracking information.  We recommend using PayPal shipping to make your shipping, labeling, and tracking easy and affordable.

A.  Once you ship the item- you’ll be able to mark the item as shipped and enter the tracking number so the buyer will know when to expect the delivery.

A.  Once your item is purchased, the order details will be in the app and also emailed to you.  The order details will include the buyer info and address.